October is traditionally played out as the scary holiday month. Frightening costumes, haunted castles, and Friday the 13th type movies all designed to intensify fear. This 2020 has inflated this horror show starting with the Corona Virus pandemic, violent riots, forests fires in multiple western states and weekly “vote as if your life depends on it” reminders. To look at our survival fears requires great courage. 

As you courageously move towards your dreams, this automatically triggers a pop-up fear response.  It is like when you go trick or treating whereby a ghost springs up howling when you reach into the candy bowl.  Expect the overprotective ego to do the same because that is what its programmed to do. Keeping you safe in the familiar voice of limitation. It will try to lasso you, rope you into not stepping out of the known into the unknown. If you let it continue, you will be bound and tied in a knot of fear unable to break free of the comfort zone…again. Remember, your dreams reside on the other side. 

The voice of fear creates obsessive thoughts, bodily stress, and emotional pain. Pretending those fears aren’t there continues allowing them to haunt you. Our survival fears are being ramped up as the pandemic domino effects tumble down straining all areas of our life – health, wealth, connection with loved ones. Many are worrying about losing their jobs or have already lost them. Fear of contacting the Corona Virus can be magnified when you venture out into public places. Isolation and loneliness in not being around other people both at work, school and in our personal life. 

In the forced moment to pause the ruts and routines of our life, maybe we can better use that time to access do you really enjoy your job or career. Is this person or partner truly a contribution to your life? Were you filling up with busyness just to avoid getting comfortable being with yourself? 

Thoughts are the language of the mind. Feelings are the language of the body. When a survival fear is activated, the mind leaves the body looking for a solution. It starts to protect and project based on the past and the unknown worst case scenario future causing it to worry and panic. This creates a closed circuit loop. Bringing your awareness back into the body and being present in the now moment begins to dissolve that built up ball of fear energy. Using your breath assists in attaining a more calm, centered and balanced state of being. As you breathe slowly and more fully, you will start to feel more settled as new oxygen is putting out the fires from the fear flames. These chemical changes altered from the brain wave state into a more receptive mode whereby it can then gain access to a higher field of intelligence, unlimited creativity and possibilities.

You can then begin the process to feeling better by deliberately looking for what you are grateful for. Start to notice more uplifting emotions of joy and appreciation bubbling forth as it dissolves the fear. You can be selective of your 24/7 constant critical mind. Intuitive supportive guidance from the heart is always available when you turn down the noisy loud thought stream. This is a process and a practice but it is well worth it. 

If you are ready to treat yourself to a different fun approach in learning what is available beyond fear, I look forward to your reaching back out to contact me. 

Michele Whittington is a licensed hypnotherapist & holistic life coach. She can be reached at 425-578-9495 or learn more on her website at www.HypnosisRedmond.com