About Michele

What if change didn’t have to be hard, scary or something you avoid like the plague?!

Michele Whittington has a passion for possibilities as fiery as her (naturally) red hair. And she puts that passion to good use, successfully unsticking your “stuck”.

Highly intuitive and laser-focused, Michele’s ultimate gifts to clients are compassion, safety, approachability, and the speed with which she helps them obtain results. In other words:

– Getting them “unstuck”. 

– Feeling empowered.

– Finding joy.

Six years ago, she asked the question “What else could I be or do that would contribute to people receiving real change?”  The answer came back in response to a job position that would train her in hypnosis. After hypnotizing her first client, even she was shocked to see that not only did it work…it worked phenomenally! These awestruck moments are what continually fuel her and those that seek her out feeling hopeless. Now with her own practice as a licensed hypnotherapist from the Society of Psycho Linguistics, many of her clients say coming to see her is the highlight of their week.

Michele is highly skilled at helping people quickly rework their thought patterns in a safe, non-threatening, and effective manner. 

In fact, she often refers to herself as a “thought designer”. Being a wielding wordsmith, she carefully slays what no longer serves you. The courage of authenticity unencumbered. 

Although she specializes in working with anxiety, stress, and depression, Michele’s skills extend to something much deeper that transforms you from the inside out. She especially enjoys working with your therapist or doctor/naturopath as it accelerates getting you happier and healthier. 

Michele has seen first-hand the devastation that can occur in a family when unaddressed mental and physical issues lead to a crisis. Rather than hypnosis being your last choice…make it your first step. Those experiences laid the groundwork for her lifelong commitment to helping others quickly become their best possible self.

Born and raised in New Jersey. Then off to sunny Arizona. Yearning for those four seasons and a better place to raise her first of three boys, she moved to the northwest calling Woodinville, WA home. She loves comedies, crafting and cooking. Her ragdoll cats, Ollie and Opal, are always nearby.  

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