About Michele

What if change didn’t have to be hard, scary or something you avoid like the plague?!

Maybe you’ve tried every diet since your college days that immediately deprives you of all the foods you love eating which you willingly suffer through letting go of in exchange for pounds only to sneakily bring you back to where you started in being overweight.

Or maybe you’ve been going to counseling for years only to feel temporary relief venting in their office, yet no real lasting changes happen that can be seen or felt but it’s better than doing nothing.  It’s safer than being alone with all these chaotic thoughts scrambling around left unchecked.

Sure some of your past choices have made a mess of things but that doesn’t mean they have to dictate your life now. How about a clean canvas in which to create from? No one knows you better than you. What you require is a way to access your own knowing.  Isn’t it time to finally start trusting yourself?

Not only can the real you be discovered through the phenomenal power of hypnosis (and a smidge of my brilliant coaching), it can happen quickly and with ease…maybe even be a little fun. I often hear from my hypnotherapy clients that they look forward to their sessions with me being the highlight of their week.

Just like in the beginning of a great book, often the first three words I hear at the start of a hypnosis session is “I am stuck” in the story of their out of control life. I want you to know that it’s just not possible to be stuck. You see, moment by moment choice by choice you are literally creating your life one thought at a time. So why not create it more powerfully using intention at a higher level of awareness?!

You don’t need to know how to build the entire bridge leading to your paradise on earth life. One inspired willing step at a time. Yes, you can have it all (it’s in the fine print).

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