Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Working 40 hours 5 days a week primarily with weight loss clients gave me deeper insight into why there is an estimated 160 million Americans that are either obese or overweight. It was quite common to hear their desperation stories because they’ve been dealing with being overweight most of their life. Add to that the suffering that comes when diet after diet has failed no matter how much effort. By the time they see me for hypnosis, they feel like a failure no longer trusting themselves nor their body.

The mind is only doing what it thinks you want it to do. So, when stress, anxiety, depression causes you to feel bad, food can quickly become a source of comfort. Unfortunately, this sets up a destructive pattern that leads to a downward spiral. Food no longer becomes a source of fuel for the body but a drug of choice to feel good. Often, it’s the whites – starchy, carb, sugary and/or the salty fried foods. Most people don’t grab a big bowl of salad when they feel like crap.

Limiting beliefs, past hurts, disappointments can literally weigh on us blocking our ability to feel good. So even when a target scale number is reached, slowly the weight returns because of why you are eating. The mind has many self-sabotaging tricks up it’s sleeve like “Go ahead, you deserve it”,  “What does it matter anyway?” or  “I’m lazy”. Food will never be able to fill the void for self-love and self-care.

Hypnotherapy is a gentle compassionate process in reintroducing you back to your body without all the shame, blame and guilt. You’ve received enough of that from yourself, family members and society. Hypnosis reawakens the innate intelligence within you that knows what to eat, how much and when to continue being well. Hypnosis can change your food preferences causing you to desire & eat more wellness food while also lessening cravings for the unsupportive food. Commercial advertisers wouldn’t pay billions of dollars if they didn’t work in influencing you to buy their crappy food.

My weight loss clients enjoyed the freedom in knowing that they didn’t have to go on a diet so there would be no diet to go off. Their confidence grew while their body weight lessened. High blood pressure and diabetes numbers can return to healthy markers. Movement is easier, so you can take those beautiful walks in nature again, climb those stairs without being out breath and the back & knees feel more relief. Hypnosis supports you to lose weight and keep it off.

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