Hypnosis For Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental disorders in the United States effecting over 40 million people. There are a variety of stress ranges beginning with worry, fear, anxiety, panic attacks and depression. These perceived pressures spring forth from an inability to break patterned reactions to stress. Anxiety is very uncomfortable.

The way we perceive what’s going on causes us to feel an emotional response. What we think also affects us physically. The mind body connection of stress can be difficulty sleeping, nagging fatigue, appetite loss or gain, inability to focus, high blood pressure and inflammation which if unaddressed long enough can turn into disease.  When we interrupt our peaceful balanced state, our body and mind reflect that. Stress can be a brief incidence like when you are stuck in traffic, getting ready to do something challenging or to moving forward into unknown territory. When the situation or task is complete, the stressor is usually gone.

Chronic stress is when you are in a more constant ongoing long-term state of stress. There usually are multiple triggers happening becoming the new “normal” like a fast pace intense job and/or high demanding home life which often doesn’t yield much reprieve. A constant stress filled mind easily becomes overwhelmed piling on more than really what is going on in blowing circumstances out of proportion. Chronic stress thoughts teeter totter back and forth from the past happenings and future scenarios that offer no real resolve.

Alcohol is commonly used to relax but unfortunately it makes anxiety symptoms worse. It changes the level of serotonin and neurotransmitters in the brain. This attempt to feel good can sneakily end up creating an alcohol dependency. Coffee is also a drink that increases anxiety causing more of that jittery feeling.

I have treated many clients successfully for anxiety that are managers, mothers, students, etc. who have been very satisfied in how quickly their anxiety has been gone using hypnosis. All their normal everyday life stressors were still there but it no longer had the same stress effect.

Working with your mental health counselor/psychotherapist to treat secondary anxiety can greatly accelerate your ability to feel good right at the beginning of your treatment plan. Psychotherapist share their clients with me because they truly see the effects it has in being able to make progress quicker. Sometimes it can be a few 4-6 sessions with me and 4-6 months with them.

A helpful analogy is when you have a very tight knot in a shoelace. After a bit of elbow grease, you begin to finally get a bit of wiggle movement which then quickly leads to easy unravelling it. Holistic hypnotherapy gives you the ability to break long term anxiety & stress patterns as a compliment with other health support team members or just you and me.

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