The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift by Michele Whittington

I recently had coffee with a new friend and her out-of-state visiting mother. It was a delightful conversation in learning about each other. They were very curious about hypnosis, so I explained to them that I support people to change their limiting beliefs which often develop without knowing it as young children from our parents. This 72-year-old mother then looked into her daughter’s eye and asked with genuine curiosity what she had learned from her both the good and bad.

I was honored to be in a front row seat witnessing two hearts sharing and receiving these love notes for the very time. I could tell the mother really valued to know the influence she was for her daughter. What an incredible gift to give another. So maybe on this Mother’s Day, look for the contributions you received from your mother. If you are lucky enough to have her still with you, this just might make the perfect gift to give her this year…your heart felt appreciation expressed as to her inspiration in your wonderful life. Or, if you are like me whose mother has passed on, be intentional with the effects you’ll be the cause of with your own children…no matter how old they are.

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