If the one true constant in life is change, why do we continue to have such difficulty with it?! To step out into the unknown naturally triggers that part of us that is wired to keep us safe within the known. So, if the known is drawn from our past experiences, then it would make sense that the ratio of the unknown is massively out-numbered compared to it? Surely there must be a way to explore our dreams without alerting the security systems that can deny us access to them.

Our dreams & desires lay fertile within the heart awaiting ignition fuel to take off. And as they prepare to take flight, they still must pass through the Security Check-point of the mind. Much the way we unload everything out of our pockets and into a bin, the mind will attempt to off load all kinds of scenarios to your notion of leaving your job, ending a relationship or parting with a very harmful habit.

Since the mind doesn’t have all the information, it tends to make stuff up that is then blown way out of proportion. It’s screening for all things dangerous and “what if” potentials rather than being filled with curiosity, fun & excitement. This is what stops most people in living from their dreams. FEAR. Also known as False Evidence Appearing Real. A turbulence feeling response is then felt in the body alerting us to the thought that entered our radar screen. Give yourself permission to allow that feeling to float by, let it pass through you, like clouds in the sky … no action required. There’s no need for an emergency landing. Soar peacefully with your dreams for it’s the fun in creating them that makes life worth living.

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