“Rainbow of Emotions to Live By” by Michele Whittington

Louise Hay healed herself of cervical cancer in 6 months. From that road to recovery she wrote “You Can Heal Your Life”. She was aware that her undealt with emotions from past traumas & hurts were at the root of her body’s death sentence. Many of my clients come to me for mental issues – stress, anxiety, depression, etc. Often they are also experiencing many physical side effects from these issues –  asthma, cancer, immune disorders and extreme muscle tightness are just the tip of the iceberg.

Let’s simply break down what emotions are. e = energy. Motion = movement. Emotions are meant to move…not stay in our bodies. When they stay in our body, it creates imbalance which can eventually lead to sickness and disease. Surprisingly, as children some of us are told & shown that it is not acceptable to have or express our feelings. I remember my own mother telling me “If you want something to cry about, I will give you something to cry about!”. Gratefully, I openly cry for all sorts of tear induced reasons. Tears are the language for which words can’t get around.

Sometimes it’s also modeled to wear this “perfect” mask. Being angry & upset were not permitted. This is not healthy on all levels. These controlled unrealistic standards shape a child has but often they don’t quite know how to respond. They eventually get repressed whereby eventually these emotions wreak havoc later in life. The body is designed to live in harmony. It will communicate & attempt to right itself.

If you’d like more support in accessing your rainbow of emotions so they can felt & dealt in a different approach that leaves you feeling empowered rather than depleted, then I look forward to your reaching back out to me. Change your thoughts. Change your life. Dream BIG!

Michele Whittington is a licensed hypnotherapist & wellness coach. She can be reached at 425-578-9495 or learn more on her website at www.HypnosisRedmond.com