“I am a 54 year old technology professional that has suffered from stress, anxiety, depression and substance abuse. For 15 years, I have been on and off a variety of antidepressants and have been in and out of traditional counseling multiple times. My experience is that mental health success has always been limited to methods of living with and coping with my own mind. I contacted Hypnosis Redmond because I needed some help but I did not want to find another therapist and spend 6 months getting into my issues. After my first appointment 2 days ago, I am experiencing something incredible. My negative thoughts have vanished. My rumination of self judgement has been removed from my conscious mind. I am able to concentrate at a new level that has not been attainable for me. I have never experienced such a short-term success in my life. I continue to work with Michele to gain further ground over my addictive behaviors. It is an incredible improvement, so I share this testimonial after my first 2 days with a new frame of mind.”