Mother May I? 

In a perfect world, the ideal up bringing would be two parents loving and nurturing us to be our greatest self. Often though, our childhood can veer off from that “happily ever after” storybook. We begin our journey with no life experience whereby curiosity and wonder is our greatest instinct. Excitement & pride in our abilities to walk, talk & stack tall blocks make us feel invincible. Being, doing & having anything is where our creator wings take flight until they are clipped by life’s influence.

In the traditional sense, it is our mothers that do the primary raising. I was one of 7 children where my mom stayed home while my father worked. I was nicknamed “The Mouth” because when I was not in agreement with my mother, I let her know. That didn’t go over so well as the wooden spoon & her right hand became the gavel of justice upon me. I also hear from my clients their painful early experiences. Whether they had to raise themselves because of their mother’s chronic depression, overwhelmed being a single parent to a bunch of children or an alcoholic abusive parent. This dysfunctional environment makes it difficult to build a strong foundation for one’s self esteem. 

 “You’ll never amount to anything.” and “You’re fat & lazy. No man is going to ever want you.” are searing branding conclusive words living within you until you are ready to let them go. This begins the development of not feeling worthy, capable and loved. What you believe is what you will receive. Our mind looks for evidence to support what we believe. If something is not true, you’ll feel that. Anxiety and depression can commonly stem from a critical, narcissistic or unavailable parent.   

Changing our childhood programming is vital to a thriving adulthood. The conscious mind is our creative mind which makes us unique. The subconscious mind is like a tape recorder as it records experiences and plays them back. The subconscious mind is a million times more powerful as it’s our operating system running our biology about 95% of the time. I often hear from my clients “I don’t know why I do that or think that.” and that is because it’s the subconscious mind running the show. A huge chunk of our beliefs are formed during the first 7 years of our life. This is where you received the influence from your mother – the good, the bad and the ugly. Maybe this Mother’s Day you can give yourself the gift in releasing what’s ready to be let go so you can be free. 

If you are ready to discover a different approach to finally finding what true happiness feels like, I look forward to your reaching back out to me. Know that hypnosis is an excellent tool to release those untrue beliefs so that they are no longer ruining your life.  Positive lasting results can be created with joy & ease.

Michele Whittington is a licensed hypnotherapist & life coach. She can be reached at 425-578-9495 or learn more on her website at