Within each of us is a part that desires to be seen, heard, loved and valued. It’s not just a human thing…it’s an intrinsic piece in all living things including animals. You try walking past most dogs (especially Goldendoodles) and watch just how far that leash stretches for a quick pat on the head. Or, see how long it takes for that empty lap of yours to become a cat’s warm nap nook. Heck, I peaked in on my son’s fish tank and watched tiny neon tetra fish looking right back at me!

So if in every cell is this intelligence that is programmed to expand and express itself, isn’t it interesting the funny ways we can come up with that could potentially block that. How dare we be too bold, too beautiful, too smart else this might go against the status quos one-size-fits-all box.

Ever walk past a daisy patch? Each one standing delicately tall without it needing to ask, “Does he love me? Does he love me not?”  Yet as soon as we ask those divisive questions, we have turned ourselves over to the meaning making machine that becomes our judge and jury.


The mind churns out stories in the blink of an eye and if left unchecked, can lead to a mild case of anxiety all the way up to the highest level of losing all desire to live anymore. Becoming aware of how we feel is the first step in reclaiming our power. If we are feeling bad, we must be believing something that is not in agreement with what is actually true for us. And just like that old outdated outfit hiding in the recesses of your closet, you can choose to let go that thought or belief awaiting release. Hopefully, you can feel the joy & ease that comes with real freedom.