It is common for hypnosis to be known for breaking habits like quitting smoking, over eating or lack of focus. What most people aren’t aware of is that hypnosis can give you access to unlimited love. My clients believe that if they let go of bad habits, make more money, find their ideal job, or soul partner, that they will be happy. If we start first with being authentically happy, money & all our heart’s desires will follow. Not the other way around. That’s why we are endlessly running in circles exhaustively chasing our tails.

Moment by moment, choice by choice we are in a constant state of choosing which is creating our reality. Our mode of operation is either from fear or love. You’ll know which one is leading by how you feel communicating through those positive or negative emotions. When fear is disassembled, it looks like not having or being enough, not feeling loved, feeling unsuccessful, etc. Fear tainted emotions can be anger, shame or sadness. Fear is stored in the body & the movies playing in your mind. The heart is the over flowing container for love. Connecting them will play beautiful music together when the heart is the orchestra leader.

Hypnosis gives greater access to receiving your dreams by letting go resistance from that which no longer serves you or is no longer true for you. What you believe will be what you receive. Those fears often stem from past experiences and childhood traumas that limit a clean canvas to create from.

As a child, we grow up often raised in an environment with what is called conditional love. It is based on expectations, judgments & other’s points of view in order to get loved. When not receiving unconditional love, we feel that rejection. Then we grow up feeling like we are not enough, broken and that something is missing. When I ask my clients, what do they love about themselves, there’s a long pause. After much ferreting around, they maybe muster up a small item list.  Hypnosis is an excellent tool to clearing fears while allowing more authentic love to grow. Remember, you can only love another to the extent you love yourself. In this new year, I invite you to start a running list of things you love about yourself. I am capable. I am lovable. I am talented.

If you are ready to discover a different approach to finally finding what authentic love feels like, I look forward to your reaching back out to me.

Michele Whittington is a licensed hypnotherapist & wellness coach in Duvall and Redmond.