Looking at nature, one can witness its flourishing vastness. Within each seed awaits an opportunity to open and expand. There is an intelligence that knows precisely the ideal situation to bring that forth through soil, sunlight, and water. What is it that makes us grow a fulfilling life? Given our staggering rates of stress, anxiety & depression, maybe it’s time to consider what those elements are.

I will touch on one that I see often in my clients…connection. In a world that has so much going on vying for our attention, it’s not surprising to hear how disconnected they feel. It’s rare to see people these days without their eyes glued to a cellphone. Before smartphones, they used to be for actual talking.

And much like a plant withering from missing one of those pieces, one must tend to that imbalance before it’s too late. Reconnecting with your body is a great way to start. Making the time to go within, even for 15 minutes daily, offers a reset for the over stimulated nervous system. It brings more calming centered awareness to your body. Give your body a bit of movement. Again, even 15 minutes daily does do something with bonus points for being outside. Do your best to simply notice the beauty rather than going over the to-do list rattling off from the over active mind. Feel the inner joy & peace that is unearthed when you gain access living connected to your heart. Each moment awaits your noticing.

So, with an infinite number of choices moment by moment to choose from, what would it take to live more aligned from your highest values? Hypnosis provides a strengthening ability to focus on what you desire more of while also giving you the ability to let go that which you don’t want in your life. Old habits and patterns developed over the years can seem overwhelming but not so with hypnosis. Much the way a tree or bush flourishes when they are pruned from the saplings that slow its growth, so too is the way of brain synapses. When a new thought or idea takes hold in the mind, a new synapse is created while the old one turns off from not being unused over time. It’s quite common for my clients to tell me their head tingles after receiving a hypnosis session. They are often pleasantly surprised when they can’t find that old triggering thought that has pained them since childhood. 

Michele Whittington is a licensed hypnotherapist & life coach. If you’d like to receive more support in learning how to make your garden grow without so much hard work & suffering, she can be reached at 425-578-9495 or learn more on her website at www.HypnosisRedmond.com