Although my professional title is hypnotherapist, I often enjoy referring to myself as “Thought Coach”. Given that we never stop thinking, I am amazed at how unequipped we are in how to truly navigate what separates us from every other living thing…we are aware that we are aware. Imagine if you were given access to the blueprint in how to be creator via your thoughts!

I watched Bryan Cranston’s newest movie “Trumbo” last night which was based on a true story. It was about a talented award winning writer who because of his political stance, was no longer permitted to do what he loved most…write. His unorthodox office was his bathtub that stretched across a board that supported his typewriter, bottomless alcoholic glass and large chain smoker ashtray.  He was also hired to rewrite other authors’ pieces if it showed there was a masterpiece within it somewhere that the gold could be unearthed. Ironically, his unscripted relationships with his family & friends often suffered because he wasn’t aware of how he was showing up.

So how do we know how we are showing up? Or another way of asking this is “What am I creating?” moment by moment, thought by thought. I recently had a client call up with a sense of urgency requesting to see me asap. This was not her norm & when I saw her the next day, I got to hear how everyone in her life was saying or doing things that upset her.

I presented a possibility that maybe all this was touching a core childhood wounding. That these upsetting exchanges with others was showing her that she must be believing something that is not in alignment with her own true knowingness…which is why she was feeling terrible. The lie “I am unworthy” and “I am unlovable” was being reflected back to her.

I told her to imagine herself being in a fun house of mirrors like the ones we see at amusement parks. If we believe something that is not true for us, it will be anything but fun or amusing. And just like a distorted image in a house of mirrors, it can appear extremely tall, short or fat. How you feel is an effective indicator to let you know where you are at in finding the mirror that reflects back the illusion you suck or your authentic greatness.

Hall of Mirrors