I have always been interested in the field of human potential so it made perfect sense for me to include hypnotherapy in my Mary Poppin’s toolbox where all things magical exist for change. Each of us is encoded with our own unique blueprint and as creators we get to discover what makes us come alive.  I believe this is the intention designed by this impersonal intelligence and energy whose nature is simply to expand itself. It’s dividing cells, keeping planets in alignment and is known for unlimited abundance. Watch one Planet Earth or Cosmos show to evidence how this looks when you see the life cycle of a star or the tiniest of creatures surviving in extreme conditions. Limitation does not exist in these realms.

So we come off the assembly line with wellness designed as a default program yet free will allows us to figure out on our own what those settings preferences are. We know we’ve gone “off line” … “lost our signal” … “dropped our connection” because we can feel it. Did you know that your body is the perfect tool to let you know when you are in alignment or out of alignment with your thinking?

How ironic that there is another huge part of us hard wired for safety and security which white knuckles us trying to keep things predictable and known. Stepping forth into the unknown and out of our comfort zones sets off the alarm system. It alerts us that something requires our attention and it is up to us to discern what is truly going on.

I knew I desired to kick it up a notch in my biz yet wasn’t clear on what my next action step was. When the Summer Blog Challenge opportunity showed up, I immediately became excited until my Zone police became alerted. Suddenly, I found myself panicked on a ledge, back against the wall and assaulted with “what if’s”. They know all my buttons to push to keep me on the ledge and it’s just like playing the board game Operation whereby a red light buzzer comes on when I’ve missed my mark. This alerts in letting me know my auto-responder is on and I remember to take a few slow calming breathes. I gain access to my heart’s intelligence which also allows the over active mind to cool down. It is there I remember I am still in this stream of well being and that I am always just feeling a thought that happened to passing through getting a bit close to my edge…nothing really to worry about.

Operation Game