Hopefully that Tina Turner song has started playing in your head. But before it gets going, I will answer that question…EVERYTHING! Love has to do with everything. My clients really aren’t coming to me to lose weight, stop drinking, release anxiety/depression and numerous other positive life changes. Underneath those “bad” habits or unwanted behaviors is a cry for love.

Love isn’t a “second hand emotion” as the song says. It’s the first primary one. We come into this world wired for love. Then, as little children we get rewired influenced by our parents & the environment we grow up in. In the first 7 years, 95% of our life is coming from these programs. While in a state of imagination, we learn by observing in what’s being modeled by an adult influence or surroundings. As soft malleable clay, our belief systems are then molded effects that shape who we believe ourselves to be. Divorce, critical parent(s), alcoholic parent(s), unavailable parent(s) etc., are just a few common strong influences that places challenges for a healthy self-esteem foundation.

Most children aren’t aware that their response to those family dynamics is to blame themselves in being the cause. They then conclude that “I’m not enough” or “I’m not lovable” when their parents divorce or if they are over protected making the child question what they do or know. Then as adults being unaware that these beliefs are there, your life evidences & reflects back to you those beliefs to be true. “You’ll never amount to anything.”, “You’re lazy.”, “Life is hard.”, “You can’t do anything right.” and “Who do you think you are?” were commonly spoken to my clients from their parents. If that’s the programming you received, then 95% of the day you’ll sabotage yourself. Your life is being lived at this level of unawareness. 

What if love was the answer to those self-sabotaging behaviors? Where you are struggling at – boredom eating, alcohol drinking to numb, lack of focus, feeling stuck –  does not support your desire to live a happy fulfilling life in all areas. They say you can’t change the past but in hypnosis you actually can. You can put new programs into your subconscious mind. Through hypnosis, you can rewrite what you see thereby changing what you say to yourself. You can release those long held beliefs that aren’t yours and are not true.  At the end of every session a relaxed fresh feeling is produced that is almost indescribable. To me, my clients look like a peaceful newborn baby. A new canvas on life is created. How does it get any better than that?!

If you are ready to discover a different approach to finally finding what true love feels like, I look forward to your reaching back out to me. In honoring the spirit of love, I would enjoy offering new clients a half price first session for the entire month of February. This is a $90 savings value!

Michele Whittington is a licensed hypnotherapist & life coach. She can be reached at 425-578-9495 or learn more on her website at www.HypnosisRedmond.com